Fantasy football draft season is here with the NFL beginning on Thursday. There are just a few days left to draft your fantasy football teams, so it's time to get prepared with your fantasy football cheat sheets for 2021.

Whether you are playing in PPR leagues, non-PPR leagues, superflex, 2QB, half PPR or another variation, we have you covered at FTNFantasy.

Below you will find a link to each of the draft boards, fantasy football cheat sheets, and overall rankings for various scoring. These can be accessed by being a FTNFantasy platinum member. Be sure to use promo code RATPACK to save some extra money!

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Fantasy Football Cheat Sheets 2021

Here is a look at each of the updated cheat sheets for various league scoring types in fantasy football. Last updated on September 3rd.

Half PPR Rankings 2021

Take a look at Jeff Ratcliffe's fantasy football rankings for half ppr leagues in 2021.

Non PPR Rankings 2021

Here is a look at draft boards, cheat sheets, and top 300 rankings for non ppr in fantasy football.

PPR Rankings for 2021

Prepare for your PPR drafts with the latest draft boards and fantasy football cheat sheets.

Superflex or 2QB Rankings

A look at the updated superflex and 2QB draft boards and cheat sheets.

Free Fantasy Football Rankings 2021

A quick guide for fantasy football rankings for various scoring, here.

(Take advantage of the FTNFantasy Platinum package for the 2021 season!)

Fantasy football draft strategy content:

Fantasy Football Cheat Sheets FAQ

Where can I find fantasy football cheat sheets?

At FTNFantasy, Jeff Ratcliffe offers fantasy football cheat sheets for all types of fantasy football leagues with various scoring such as PPR, half PPR, and more.

What is a fantasy football cheat sheet?

A fantasy cheat sheet is a tool to help you draft in fantasy football, including rankings, draft boards, and more.

How do I find printable draft cheat sheets?

If you visit and click to download the draft cheat sheets, you will have printable sheets for your fantasy football drafts.