FTNFantasy FAQ

What is FTNFantasy?

FTNFantasy is your one-stop shop to win your seasonal fantasy leagues. Whether it’s fantasy football or fantasy baseball, we will have you covered. Whether you like quick-hitting analysis and NFL rankings or a longform deep-dive into your favorite stats, FTNFantasy will provide the analysis for you to win your league and earn bragging rights.

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Who are the top analysts at FTNFantasy?

Nelson Sousa

Nelson is our High stakes lead analyst. He's self-employed, married with 2 boys and has been playing High stakes FF for over 15 years. He has well over 1 million in career earnings, including winning the FFPC Main Event, 2 NFFC Platinum titles (20k entry fee) and finished 2nd overall in the 2022 Primetime for $50,000. Nelson also had 22% ROI in 2022, so he's not just giving you advice, he's putting his money where his mouth is and backing it up!

Jeff Ratcliffe

Jeff Ratcliffe is a fantasy and betting analyst who specializes in football and basketball, along with dabbling in NASCAR and horse racing. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram: @JeffRatcliffe.

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How do I Create an Account?

Creating an account at FTNFantasy is very simple.

  1. Click Register
  2. Enter your desired credentials and information
  3. Click Create
  4. Welcome to FTNFantasy!

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What is the difference between FTNFantasy, FTNDaily, and FTNBets?

FTNFantasy, FTNDaily, and FTNBets are three sites under the FTN Network umbrella but each site is operated individually.

  • FTNFantasy focuses on season-long fantasy sports such as fantasy football
  • FTNDaily focuses on daily fantasy sports
  • FTNBets focuses on sports betting advice and tips.

How much is a FTNFantasy Subscription?

An FTNFantasy subscription varies based on package.

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Is there a promo code I can use to sign up?

Yes, use promo code FTNNation for 10% off your purchase. click here to use the promo.

Does my subscription auto-renew?

Some subscriptions on FTNFantasy auto-renew. To check if our subscription rewews, go to your account page

How do I Contact Customer Service?

Please email support@ftnnetwork.com if you need customer support.

Can I win using FTNFantasy?

Our members have experienced success with FTNFantasy, FTNDaily, and FTNBets. While winning is not guaranteed, it has been experienced by a vast number of happy followers.