The majority of fantasy football advice looks at the macro: Is a player a good investment, a mediocre investment, a bad investment? Does a running back belong in the early rounds, the late rounds, or not at all? It’s obviously the most important part of this whole thing, figuring out who fits in what general groups.

But on draft day, you need the micro.


Sure, there might not be significant differences between the No. 4 running back and the No. 5, or the No. 1 and 2 wide receivers, but there are differences, and when you’re sitting there at your draft deciding between X and Y, sometimes you need a little help.

All summer long, FTN’s Adam Pfeifer is going to work to decide on some of the biggest conundrums of fantasy football draft day, putting two players under the microscope to decide who fantasy managers should target in the draft. You’re standing at the crossroads, and you have to decide: This guy or that guy? This should help.

Fantasy Crossroads: The Draft Day Conundrums of 2022

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May 6: Davante Adams or Tyreek Hill?

May 13: Javonte Williams or D’Andre Swift?