Not everything that someone digs up in their fantasy football research needs 2,000 words devoted to it. But that doesn’t mean it’s not worthy of attention. And so FTN’s own Tyler Loechner is spending the summer offering up his Fantasy Stat of the Day, a daily (almost) look at something interesting he’s found in his research that can help you in fantasy football this season.

Point per first down? Game trends? Touchdown dependency? In bite-sized chunks, Tyler will look at everything and offer a quick takeaway. If you need something quick to read and get a key, actionable piece of fantasy info for the season, bookmark this page and check out the Fantasy Stat of the Day.

June 7: Christian McCaffrey’s dominance
June 8: Julio Jones arrives in Tennessee
June 9: The end zone prowess in Tampa
June 10: The power of the breakaway run
June 11: RBs near the goal line
June 14: Running backs who rely on touchdowns
June 15: Running backs with touchdown upside
June 16: Teams’ tendencies when up big
June 17: QBs who throw it deep
June 21: Running backs who get first-down receptions
June 22: Wide receivers who get first-down receptions
June 23: Tight ends who get first-down receptions
June 24: The goal-line vulture
June 25: The leaders in target market share
June 28: How play action helped the QBs
June 29: Running against 8-man boxes
June 30: The tackle-breakers at RB
July 1: The tackle-breakers at WR
July 2: The tackle-breakers at TE
July 5: Running backs after contact
July 6: The Konami Code cousins
July 7: The most boom-worthy WRs
July 8: The most boom-worthy TEs
July 9: The leaders in passer rating when targeted
July 12: The bottom WRs in passer rating when targeted
July 13: The WRs who beat their teammates in passer rating when targeted
July 14: The WRs who trailed their teammates in passer rating when targeted
July 15: The leaders in air yards
July 16: The leaders in RACR
July 19: TE target dominators
July 20: Outside-the-pocket dropback rate
July 21: A Darrell Henderson deep dive
July 22: QBs who put up the most outside-the-pocket TDs
July 23: Passer rating outside the pocket
July 26: The long-distance touchdown catachers
July 27: The long-distance touchdown runners
July 28: The fourth-quarter TD throwers
July 29: The fourth-quarter TD catchers
July 30: RBs when ahead, RBs when behind
Aug. 2: Quarterback yards per TD pass
Aug. 3: The leaders in total drive
Aug. 4: The leaders in yards per drive
Aug. 5: The leaders in points per drive
Aug. 6: The top scorers inside of 2 minutes
Aug. 9: Running backs who faced the most defenders in the box
Aug. 10: Success against stacked boxes
Aug. 11: The RBs who saw the fewest defenders in the box
Aug. 12: The rushing QBs vs. men in the box

Check back all offseason for more!