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Fantasy Football ADP: 2022 Average Draft Position

What is the Average Draft Position (ADP) Report from FTN?

Average Draft Position, referred to as ADP in the world of fantasy football, refers simply to the average place in which a player gets drafted in fantasy football leagues.

Think of this simple statistic as the ultimate market value report for players. If a player is primed for a big fantasy season, their ADP will rise throughout the summer. If news comes out that a player is being demoted and will see fewer targets, their ADP will drop.

The advantages of studying ADP for fantasy football with FTN

ADP is one of the most critical tools you have at your disposal on draft day.

Fantasy football drafting has gotten very efficient. On the whole, true value aligns quite well with ADP data. Knowing player ADP helps you know when it’s too early to draft a player, and it helps you know when a player becomes a good value.

It also helps you know when you should pull the trigger on a player you really want. For example, if you’re eying DeAndre Hopkins, you don’t have to spend a first-round pick to get him. The ADP data shows that you can wait until the second or third round to scoop him up.

ADP for Yahoo, FFPC, NFFC, and more

The FTN ADP Report includes average draft position for a variety of leagues, including:

  • Yahoo Fantasy Football
  • FFPC
  • NFFC
  • BB10
  • RT (RealTime Fantasy Sports)

We also have the average of all of these league types, so you can see how players fare across the entire industry!

Spot ADP changes before the competition

The FTN ADP Report also shows ADP data from the two most recent months so you can spot recent trends in ADP changes. You can sort by difference to see which players have risen and fallen the most.

Similarly, you can see the players’ ADP from the previous season, so you can know how much they increased or decreased in value compared to last year.