The Future of Baseball: Top 100 Baseball Prospects

Who are the next big MLB starts and top baseball prospects? FTN's "Top 100 Baseball Prospects" tool is all you need to discover the future legends of the game. Our user-friendly tool is a must-have for fans, fantasy baseball players, and scouts alike.

Who Are The Top Baseball Prospects?

Our table is simple to follow and shows you the top baseball prospects. It's put together by FTN's baseball experts including Jake Kucheck and Vlad Sedler.

  1. Ranking : See which prospects lead the pack in the baseball world.
  2. Future Value Assessment: Understand the long-term potential of each prospect. Our future value metric helps in gauging the possible impact a player could have on the sport.
  3. Team Affiliations: Find out which MLB teams are nurturing these top talents, providing insights into future team dynamics.
  4. Prospect Archetype & Attributes: Delve deeper into each player’s style and skills. Our tool categorizes prospects by their unique attributes and playing style, offering a more nuanced understanding of their potential.
  5. Immediate Impact: Gauge the immediate impact these prospects might have in the upcoming season. A crucial feature for fantasy players and scouts.
  6. Anticipated Call-Up: Stay ahead of the curve by knowing when these talents are expected to make their big-league debut.
  7. NFBC DC ADP Data: For fantasy baseball players, this feature provides average draft position data, aiding in making informed decisions during fantasy drafts.
  8. Vlad's Notes - "Draft Ahead Of": Exclusive insights from our expert, Vlad Sedler aka Rotogut, offering unique perspectives on which players to watch and potentially draft ahead of others.