The NFL playoffs are here, and it's time for some more fantasy football. There are some great playoff fantasy contests out there, but I find the NFFC playoff challenge the most unique and strategic one out there. I'll cover the basics and strategy involving this contest, but it would be a good idea for anyone new to this contest to read the rules carefully when it comes to the scoring and lineup submission. 


Top Prize

We are chasing a cool $150,000 this postseason. 

Entry Fee


Lineup Requirements 

  • QB — 2 
  • RB — 3 
  • WR/TE — 4 
  • Flex (RB, WR, TE) — 1 
  • Team K — 1 
  • DST — 1 

Starting in the Wild Card Round, you are going to pick one player from each of the 14 teams in the playoffs. Which means you are going to be fading two teams. Each...

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