Advanced NFL QB Passing Stats

NFL QB advanced passing metrics are essential to gauge the performance of an NFL QB. Just looking at the W-L column doesn't tell the whole story (sorry, “QB WINZ” crowd). FTN's Advanced Passing Stats tool dives into advanced metrics, as well as the basic NFL QB stats:

Here are some of the advanced metrics this tool showcases as well.

Deep Passing

At FTN, when a ball travels 20+ yards in the air, it's classified as a deep ball.

Deep passing stats

Red Zone Passing

Critical moments in games often come down to red zone efficiency.

QB RZ passing stats

QB vs. Man or Zone Coverage

Different coverages pose unique challenges. FTN covers all the bases.

Passing vs. Coverage Type

Play Action Passing Metrics

QB stats can vary greatly when play action (PA) is used. So FTN breaks it down into its own category.

PA Passing Stats

QB Stats vs. Blitz and Pressure

FTN breaks down how QB fare under pressure or when blitzed, including: