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NFL Fantasy Football Player News

What is the NFL Fantasy Football Player News tool?

FTN’s NFL player news tool for fantasy football is the best source for the latest news and notes about every single player in the NFL.

The tool offers streamlined player news headlines and short blurbs in real-time. Think of it like a Twitter feed but only for NFL player news.

The tool shows the latest news as it gets broken. It’s easy to scan for team name and logo, player and position, the time the news broke, and one or two sentences detailing the impact of the news.

From star QBs to rookie seventh-round picks and everything in between, the NFL Fantasy Football Player News tool from FTN is the only place you have to visit for the latest news and notes.

Benefits of the NFL Fantasy Football Player News tool

There are many benefits to being in the know with NFL news. On game day, it’s obviously critical to know when your players are out or will be limited. But the NFL news cycle never stops, and neither does the FTN news ticker.

A few key benefits of staying on top of the NFL news:

  • Be the waiver wire winner. We know you aren’t the only person in your league spotting the top waiver targets each week. But you can be the one that knows more about all of the waiver to hit the second or third layers that everyone else is still sleeping on. You can also be hours ahead of your leaguemates when it comes to breaking news on smaller names.
  • Be the smartest in the room. You unlock a huge knowledge advantage in all fantasy football leagues when you know the news. Your leaguemates probably know the highlight headlines from ESPN but nothing deeper.
  • Spot trends before they happen. You can spot trends within teams or position groups before others in your league. Are there a lot of positive notes in July about that backup RB you’ve been keeping an eye on? Get him now before the price rises.

There are many more practical advantages of staying on top of NFL news, including a better understanding of team dynamics and the league itself.

Tips for finding the latest NFL news for your fantasy football decisions

Here are a few tips to use the NFL News tool from FTN to dominate your league.

  • When you Google search a player, type their name + FTN. You’ll end up on the player page on FTN, including the latest news about that player and all of their relevant stats, including game logs and splits

On the home page of the NFL News tool, you can search for a player or team to filter for just what you’re looking for

Click on a player’s name to see all news about that player over time (in addition to projections, rankings, game logs, splits, and other stats)