FTN Fantasy features the largest selection of customizable tools to help you win your fantasy football league.

It’s a lot to process, so this article will break down what you get with an FTN Fantasy subscription — and how to maximize the tools and dominate your league.

Let’s dive into everything FTN Fantasy has to offer.

Articles from award-winning analysts
All packages (starting at $39.99 for Bronze)

The analyst team at FTN is filled with talented fantasy players and writers — and we deliver a truly insane amount of content to our subscribers:

So the #FTN family of sites have existed for 16 days now and we're over 800 pieces of content. Uh, that's *insane*. Props to what @MagicSportsGuy and @EliotCrist and @JeffRatcliffe and @NoisyHuevos have put together.

— Daniel Kelley (@danieltkelley) July 22, 2020


Led by fantasy football legends Brad Evans and Jeff Ratcliffe, our analyst team runs 25+ deep and includes Fantasy Sports Writers Association (FSWA) Hall of Famers, winners and finalists across many different mediums.

We’ll have you covered with content including:

  • Season-long (redraft)
  • Best Ball
  • Dynasty
  • IDP
  • Superflex/2QB/SFB/Other league types
  • DFS (DFS package only)

We’ve also brought on board some of the best DFS players in the world, including top 50 fantasy football players and Milly Maker winners (multiple times over).

FTN Fantasy content features an unrivaled blend of talent and depth spanning articles, podcasts and videos. You can check out the full team page to see all analysts. 

FTN Game Plan (Draft Guide)
Platinum & above ($79.99+) or standalone ($14.99)

The FTN Game Plan is 65+ pages (and counting) of pure draft goodness, including:

  • 160 in-depth player profiles and blurbs — enough to cover the bases for ALL players that should be drafted in season-long leagues
  • A total of 320 player profiles
  • 2020 projections for all 320 players
  • Depth charts (criminally underrated knowledge on draft day)
  • Standard, PPR and .5 PPR rankings (by position and overall)
  • D/ST and K rankings
  • Cheat sheets for QB, RB, WR, TE
  • Quick-check stat sheets (leaders in yards, PPG, TDs, etc.)
  • Draft boards featuring tiers by round (all three league types)

The best part? The FTN Game Plan is regularly updated; version 3 is coming 8/10 and version 4 is coming 8/24. Each update brings with it tweaks to player profiles, projections, and rankings based on the latest news — updates that have never been more relevant than in 2020. 

Each update also adds new features to the guide, including expanded stat cheat sheets, pace and situation stats, auction values and more.

The FTN Game Plan comes with Platinum subscriptions or higher. It’s also available as a standalone purchase for $14.99.

Platinum tools & above ($69.99+)

Our rankings, featuring several of the most accurate rankers in the industry, include:

  • Season-long rankings
  • Weekly rankings
  • Non-PPR (standard)
  • PPR
  • .5 PPR
  • Superflex
  • Dynasty
  • Superflex Dynasty
  • Rookie

You can also export any of our expert’s rankings to a .csv with just one click to do your own analysis on the rankings.

Rankings are available by purchasing the Fantasy Football Platinum Tools package ($69.99), or the Fantasy Football Platinum package or better ($79.99+).

ADP Tool
Platinum tools & above ($69.99+)
Coming Soon

The applications of an ADP Tool are endless. In the simplest terms, the ADP Tool lets you see how players have increased or decreased in value over time. But it’s much more than that …

Compare teammates vying for the starting job. See how news has impacted certain players (what happened to Julian Edelman when Cam Newton joined the Pats?).

Track young players you have an eye on for dynasty purposes. Or see how a tweak in league settings increases or decreases a player’s value (what happens to Tarik Cohen’s value in non-PPR?).

ADP is at the heart draft day. The better you understand its pulse, the better you can take advantage of trends.

The ADP Tool is available by purchasing the Fantasy Football Platinum Tools package ($69.99), or the Fantasy Football Platinum package or better ($79.99+).

Start/Sit Tool
Platinum tools & above ($69.99+)
Coming soon

Nailing the draft and scooping up the best waivers is all well and good, but ultimately, it’s still up to you to actually set a good lineup and maximize your points.

Our Sit/Start tool takes the guesswork out of optimal lineup decisions so you don’t have to stress.

The Sit/Start Tool is available by purchasing the Fantasy Football Platinum Tools package ($69.99), or the Fantasy Football Platinum package or better ($79.99+).

Platinum & above ($79.99+)
Coming soon

The most in-depth projections on the market, updated on a regular basis. FTN projections feature all of the stats you’ll need to crush the competition, including attempts, yards, targets, receptions, touchdowns and more.

Premium chat
Platinum & above ($79.99+)

Hop in to our premium Discord and chat with our team of analysts (and other FTN subscribers) about all things fantasy football. Our analysts regularly answer your questions and go in more detail than public social platforms like Twitter.

Exclusive live streams & podcasts
Platinum & above ($79.99+)

Platinum members will have access to exclusive live streams and podcasts in which our team of analysts will deep-dive into FTN’s tools and data to provide you with live, up-to-the-second news and information to help you set your lineups.

League Sync
Platinum & above ($79.99+)

Connect your league from your favorite fantasy platform to tap directly into FTN’s tools. Get real-time feedback on your roster and the moves that make the most sense for improving your season-long squad.

Apps & Tools

NFL Splits App
Tools package or DFS season pass ($69.99+)

This is the most impressive NFL Splits app available to fantasy football players. We’ll have a deep-dive video tutorial explaining everything you can do with this tool, but here’s the quick overview:

  • Find splits on the player level and the team level
  • By year, dating back to 2000
  • By week (including playoffs)
  • Home vs. away
  • Indoor vs. outdoor
  • By opposing teams (e.g. Tom Brady vs. the AFC East vs. the rest of the NFL)
  • By player (e.g. Brady with Gronk on the field)
  • By player when certain thresholds are met (e.g. Brady with Gronk, where Gronk had at least 30 snaps)
  • By over/under (e.g. Brady with an O/U above 50)
  • By point spread (e.g. Brady when favored by 7+)
  • By scoring margin (e.g. Brady in wins of 10+ points)

The FTN Splits tool instantly generates the splits you’re looking for, color-coded for easy reading. You can spend hours with this tool alone and still only scratch the surface.

Pace Tool
Tools package or DFS season pass ($69.99+)

The FTN Pace and Situations tool tells you everything you need to know about how certain teams perform and behave in certain situations (and how often they find themselves in those situations).

Situations: Redzone

  • How many snaps did each team have in the redzone?
  • What about inside the 5?
  • What was their pass/run ratio based on field position?
  • How does each team’s snaps and pass/run ratios compare to the rest of the league?
  • What changes in tie games? What about when the team is losing or winning by certain margins?

Our situations report covers all of those bases and more.

Pace Stats

As you’d expect, our Pace Tool gives you a comprehensive breakdown on all things pace-related. See each team’s total snaps, no huddle rate, snaps per second and more.

To make things even better, we’ve added defensive pace stats as well. How many points per snap does a certain defense give up? How fast do offenses usually play against a specific defense? How does it compare to league average?

And, because things are always changing in the NFL, we’ve also included a “last 4 weeks” section to the Pace Tool so you can see if teams have been speeding up or slowing down in recent weeks.

Trench Tool
Tools package or DFS season pass ($69.99+)
Coming soon

Get detailed insight on how the battle in the trenches will play out. Is your RB facing an uphill battle this week? Is your QB going to have better protection than usual? The Trench Tool will give you the info you need.

Understanding the trench wars is an underutilized aspect of fantasy analysis, so you’ll gain an easy leg up on the competition with this tool.

WR/CB Matrix
Tools package or DFS season pass ($69.99+)
Coming soon

Knowing that a certain defense gives up a lot of points to WRs is one thing. Knowing which defenders shoulder most of the blame is taking analysis to the next level.

Using FTN Data’s advanced charting, we’re able to break down which WRs will square off against the weaker (and stronger) CBs — and precisely how often — on a game-by-game basis.

Will it be a shadow situation? If not, how much will your stud WR actually be covered by the other team’s stud CB? This matrix answers the most important question: Who has the advantage?

Expected Fantasy Points
Tools package or DFS season pass ($69.99+)
Coming soon

Knowing how many points a player should have scored — not just how many he actually did score — gives you incredible foresight into how the player may perform in the coming weeks.

Simply put: Players with significantly more actual points than expected points are likely to regress and disappoint in the coming weeks. Players with fewer real points than expected points should catch a break and have a pop-off week soon.

You can use this knowledge in so many different ways. For example, expected points help identify buy-low and sell-high trade targets. It helps identify hot hands and trap plays in DFS. 

Points Allowed Per Position
Tools package or DFS season pass ($69.99+)
Coming soon

The Points Allowed Per Position tool is one of the simplest yet most effective tools for fantasy football matchup analysis. You can quickly ID which teams are weakest or strongest against specific position groups. You can then use tools like the WR/CB matrix or Trench Tool to take the analysis a step further.

Snaps and Target Reports
Tools package or DFS season pass ($69.99+)
Coming soon

At the end of the day, opportunity is king. FTN’s Snaps and Target Reports make it easy to identify which players are getting the most opportunity, and, importantly, which players are trending upward in terms of opportunity. 


$249.99 standalone; $199 (20% off) as an add-on to the DFS season pass

Sabersim is the industry’s top lineup optimizer — bar none. 

Choose your basics (website, slate, etc.) and your entry type (GPP, multiplier, cash game, etc.) … and then customize to your heart’s content.

Lock or remove certain players. Adjust the projections with your own. Set min/max exposures. Set stack rules up to four players per game. Create lineups designed for pure correlation. Or completely fade the chalk. Or both.

The best part is that you can create multiple builds with a variety of customization, and then check out the results and see which ones look best to you. 

And, of course, you can export and upload your favorite lineups for easy entry.

Exclusive content
DFS season pass ($299.99)

DFS Season Pass members will gain access to our DFS content, which will provide direct access to the process, plays and evaluations of some of the best DFS players today.

Cheat Sheets
DFS season pass ($299.99)

Choose your favorite sharp or look at the FTN consensus board to see our favorite plays of the week, including exposure recommendations. 

DFS Premium Chat
DFS season pass ($299.99)

Unlock access to our DFS Discord chat to pick our brains and have sophisticated conversations with other like-minded fantasy fans.