Fantasy football draft season has arrived, and that means it’s time to break out the cheat sheets for draft day. Our 2022 fantasy football cheat sheets cover everything you need to walk away a winner on draft day.

Whether you are playing in PPR leagues, non-PPR leagues, superflex, 2QB, half-PPR or another variation, we have you covered at FTN Fantasy.


Below, you’ll find everything you need to dominate your 2022 fantasy football league. Everything is broken down by league setting with links to each for the draft board, fantasy football cheat sheets and overall rankings for various scoring. These can be accessed by being a FTN Fantasy platinum member. Be sure to use promo code RATPACK to save some extra money!

Fantasy Football Cheat Sheets 2022

Here is a look at each of the updated cheat sheets for various league scoring types in fantasy football.

Cheat Sheet for Half PPR Rankings 2022

Take a look at Jeff Ratcliffe's fantasy football rankings for half-PPR leagues (0.5 points per reception) in 2022. This includes a round-by-round draft board, and over 320 ranks, including positional rankings. Dominate your 0.5 PPR leagues on draft day.

Cheat Sheet for Standard (non-PPR) Rankings 2022

Here is a look at draft boards, cheat sheets and top-300 rankings for standard (or non-PPR) fantasy football leagues in 2022. This includes a dedicated list of the top 60 players as well as a round-by-round guide for every round of your draft.

PPR League Cheat Sheet Fantasy Football 2022

Prepare your 2022 PPR fantasy football draft strategy with the latest draft boards and fantasy football cheat sheets. The draft boards show targets in every round so you never have to wonder if you’re getting good value on a player. The rankings also go over 300 deep to give you an edge in the later rounds.

2022 Cheat Sheet for Superflex or 2QB Leagues

Superflex or 2QB fantasy football leagues have grown in popularity - and we haven’t forgotten about you. Our 2022 cheat sheets for Superflex leagues will make you feel confident even if it’s your first time playing in the new format. Take a look below for Superflex and 2QB draft boards and cheat sheets so you know how to value QBs (and the other positions).

Auction League Cheat Sheet 2022

Auction leagues mean you're free to go after “your guys” - if you're willing to pay the price. Do you guys stars-and-scrubs? Do you take a balanced approach? In snake drafts, your strategy is somewhat limited by your draft position. You aren't drafting Jonathan Taylor if you have the 10th pick. But in auction leagues, the only limitation is your bankroll - so you need to know how to allocate your budget and end up with a winning roster. Take a look below for Auction fantasy football league cheat sheets for 2022.

Free Fantasy Football Rankings 2022

We have even more content to help you prepare for your 2022 fantasy football draft - including dynasty leagues. Here are quick resources for fantasy football rankings for various scoring and league types:

More fantasy football draft strategy content

2022 Fantasy Football Cheat Sheets FAQs

Where can I find fantasy football cheat sheets?

At FTN Fantasy, Jeff Ratcliffe offers fantasy football cheat sheets for all types of fantasy football leagues with various scoring such as PPR, half-PPR, Superflex and more.

What is a fantasy football cheat sheet?

FTN's Jeff Ratcliffe runs through all of his 2022 fantasy football cheat sheets with links to his up-to-date fantasy football rankings, draft boards and more for fantasy football drafts. A fantasy cheat sheet is a tool to help you draft in fantasy football, including rankings, draft boards and more.

How do I find printable draft cheat sheets?

If you visit and click to download the draft cheat sheets, you will have printable sheets for your fantasy football drafts.